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Bryan Greenwell (also known as Brian Greenwell) and Jodie Cecil have been found guilty of killing a woman and leaving a man severely injured in Shelby Park neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. Both defendants were charged with murder, criminal attempted murder, first degree assault, and tampering with physical evidence. Bryan Greenwell and Jodie Cecil were neighbors of Jennifer Cain and Darrell Wilson.

Jennifer Cain, age 42

On the morning of May 13th, 2016, Jennifer Cain was shot several times in the head and died from her injuries. Darrell Wilson survived the attack with life threatening injuries and played a crucial role in the confession of their neighbors, Bryan Greenwell and Jodie Cecil. Because of the severity of his injuries, Wilson was unresponsive for around a month. By the end of June, he was paralyzed from the neck down and unable to speak, but was able to mouth words, nod, blink, and furrow his brow.  Through interpreting Wilson’s non-verbal cues, on June 20th Detective Royce was able to determine that Cecil and Greenwell were responsible for the shooting.

Having left their apartment after the shooting, it wasn’t until mid-July that they were located. On July 19th, both defendants were interviewed separately where both claimed they had no involvement with the shooting. After being confronted with the recording of the accusation by the victim, the couple claimed that the victims were having a domestic dispute and they went over to assist. Instead of escalating the situation as they supposedly planned, Bryan Greenwell ended up shooting the couple. You can read more about the medical examiner’s findings regarding Jennifer Cain and the police surgeon’s living forensic evaluation regarding Darrell Wilson here.

The trial began on May 21, 2018, and ended on May 25, 2018, with both defendants being found guilty of all charges. Greenwell was a habitual felony offender causing the jury to recommend life in prison. A recommendation of 20 years in prison was made for Cecil. She received 10 additional years for trafficking methamphetamines; a charge Greenwell was already in jail for when he was questioned by police.

Despite being shot in the head, Derrell Wilson is making an astonishing recovery. Initially, Derrell Wilson was unresponsive. Against the odds, months later Derrell Wilson is regaining his motor functions.

Cecil’s Story

Jodie Cecil was interviewed first and was chatty with Detective Royce and seemed to be in an cheerful mood. When the detective inquired about the shooting, she stated that she had heard about the shooting on the news but had left her apartment 2 days before the shootings occurred. Although she denied any involvement in the shooting, she speculated that whoever shot her neighbors likely mistook Jennifer for her and that she was the intended victim because of her narcotic use. She also proposed that maybe Darrell Wilson shot Jessica Cain or visa vera.

Detective Royce then showed Jodie Cecil the taping of him interviewing Darrell Wilson. The fact that Darrell survived was not released to the public and this is how Cecil found out he survived. Her mood suddenly changed from upbeat to scared and worried and she soon confessed knowledge of the shooting.

Man, woman found guilty of killing woman, seriously injuring man

Jodie Cecil stated that Jennifer Cain and Darrell Wilson had been in physical domestic disputes for the week prior to the shooting with both having black eyes (which could not be confirmed through forensic examination). On the morning of the shootings, Cecil stated that Jennifer came to her and Greenwell’s apartment stating that she wanted Darrell to leave her apartment and was afraid to leave for work with him still there and requested their assistance. Soon after, Greenwell and Cecil went over to their apartment where Greenwell walked in as Darrell and Jessica were fighting in the bedroom. Cecil claimed that she stayed in the doorway of the apartment but being a small apartment could see what was happening. She stated that Jennifer was shot first, and then the gun went off again while Greenwell and Darrell were fighting over the gun.  She claimed that she only heard two shots and that she witnessed Darrell convulsing on the bed.

After confirming that the gun that was used was Greenwell’s gun, both Cecil and Greenwell got dressed and left without their belongings. They first went to a casino for several hours. A few days after the shooting they returned in the middle of the night to retrieve some of their belongings and then never returned to the apartment again.

Greenwell’s Story

Next Greenwell was interviewed. Much like Cecil, Bryan Greenwell first claimed to Detective Royce that although he had heard about the shooting, he was not involved. He also claimed that the shooter was likely after him and Cecil, weaving a story about a man named Terry Payne and that this man had put a hit on them over drugs.

After showing the interview video of the victim in the hospital, Greenwell also changed his story. According to Greenwell, Jennifer came over to Greenwell and Cecil’s apartment claiming that Darrell was beating her. After deliberating for a short while both Greenwell and Cecil went over to Jennifer’s apartment. When he arrived, Darrell was breaking items inside of the house, throwing things, and swearing at Jennifer. At this point, Jennifer, Greenwell, and Cecil were standing in the doorway of the apartment.

Greenwell claimed that he told Darrell to just leave, or the police would end up being called. Jennifer then was said to have gone back inside where Darrell grabbed her. Cecil told Greenwell that he needed to do something, so he supposedly went into the apartment and separated Darrell and Jennifer. He stated that he could not remember how the weapon got involved besides that Darrell and Greenwell struggled over it, Jennifer was shot first, and that Darrell was shot afterwards and fell back onto the bed. He claimed that two or three shots were fired but that he was not sure. You can read his interrogation transcript in full here.

Darrell Wilson’s Testimony

By the time of the trial, Darrell Wilson was able to speak and move his arms but was still paralyzed from the waist down. According to Darrell, he and Jennifer had been arguing on the morning of May 13th, 2016, because Jennifer had accused him of having a homosexual affair while in prison, having recently been released after a four-year drug related stint in prison. During the argument Jennifer was screaming and throwing things.

Eventually, according to the victim, Jennifer decided that she wanted Darrell to leave the apartment and gave him $20 for a cab. Darrell proceeded to pack his belongings. Evidence at the crime scene backs up these claims, with packed boxes found in the living room near the door, and $20 being found in his shorts pocket at the hospital. His recollection of the morning was poor during testimony and he was not sure what happened after packing his belongings up, besides that he was shot by Greenwell. He believes that he was shot first because he had no memory of Jennifer being shot.

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    1. I could not find anything recent regarding his recovery. The information that I am aware of is that Darrell Wilson was first unresponsive for about a month. Upon becoming responsive he was paralyzed from the neck down and could not speak but could mouth words, blink, etc. By the time of the trial two years later, he could speak and move his arms but was still paralyzed from the waist down. That was in 2018. I haven’t heard anything regarding his recovery since but generally with brain injuries, most of your regained ability happens within the first two years so his life is likely still very impacted by his injuries.

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