Thu. May 12th, 2022

George Huguely

George Huguely was a University of Virginia student, along with his on – again, off – again girlfriend, Yeardley Love. They both played lacrosse for the school. The couple had a rough relationship where there was intense arguments, domestic violence, and excessive alcohol consumption. A week before the murder, Yeardley Love allegedly sent messages to Huguely expressing that she had intimate relations with another man while away from town. A few days later the two bumped into one other at a bar and Love allegedly later came to Huguely’s apartment angry. She had to be removed by one of Huguely’s roommate’s girlfriends because she was being aggressive. After this point, Love refused any contact with Huguely. This no-contact arrangement was not mutual, and Huguely repeatedly tried to email Love to arrange a time to talk about what had happened. After a day’s worth of drinking on May 2, 2010, Huguely decided to go to Love’s house after leaving a bar.


It is believed that sometime shortly after midnight, Huguely went in through the unlocked front door of Love’s apartment. After finding that Love would not let him into her bedroom, he kicked a hole through the door and reached his arm in to unlock her door. Huguely continued to argue with her about the previous incidents that upset him, while Love tried to get him to leave by screaming to get out and to leave her alone. In the police interrogation, Huguely stated that he shook her as she leaned into the corner, and wrestled with her, trying to pacify her. He claims the last he saw her she was standing with him looking at him, though she had not screamed or said anything after being shaken, and then he tossed her onto the bed and left, saying “go to bed”.

When Love’s roommate came home at 2:15 a.m., she discovered Love’s body and called police. Huguely waived his Miranda rights when brought into the police station and detailed the assault. Half way through the interrogation he is informed that Love died, where he breaks down saying “please tell me she’s not dead… she can’t be dead… there’s no way… I didn’t do anything that could have done that to her.”

George Huguely was sentenced to 25 years in prison for second degree murder.  In 2021 he was denied early release.  He then attempted to appeal this decision with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, with a 3-judge panel dismissing it. His further attempts via petitioning for a rehearing before a full panel of judges was similarly denied. Currently, George Huguely scheduled to be released in 2030.

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