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On May 13, 2016,  Bryan Greenwell (also known as Brian Greenwall) shot and killed Jennifer Cain and critically wounded Derrell Wilson. Greenwell’s fiancé Jodie Cecil was there when the crime happened in a Shelby Park apartment. The living victim, Wilson, was crucial in the investigation. When police showed the couple an interview where Wilson implicates them in the crime while he is in poor condition in the hospital, they both admit their involvement. A summary of the case can be found here.  

Bryan Greenwell Interrogation Transcript

[door slams]

Investigator: Hey Bryan, what’s happenin’ man?

Bryan Greenwell:  What’s happenin’?

Investigator: My name is detective Royce, [inaudible]. Sorry it took me a little while to get over here..

Bryan Greenwell: [inaudible]

Investigator: Talking to Jodie.

Bryan Greenwell: Jodie?

Investigator: Mm-hm.

Bryan Greenwell: How she been doing?

Investigator: She’s a little upset.

Bryan Greenwell: About what?

Investigator: Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about. She’s a little upset, um… I want to tell you that she, I’m trying to remember her exact words but it was more along the lines of “I don’t want to tell him, I don’t want him to be scared, and uh, to talk to us.” Anything else along that. “Cause I want to, I want to go talk to him”, I said “I can’t let you do that, I may be able to let you do a recorded statement or write a note but”

Bryan Greenwell: So she wrote one down?

Investigator: I have a recording. Also, I have another recording that I would like you to review as well but I can’t ask you any questions yet because you’re in custody for something else. I don’t know. I know it’s some kind of dope charge, I know you did some stuff there. So before I actually ask you anything, tell you or show you anything, I have to read you your rights. You’ve had those read before, correct?

Bryan Greenwell: No.

Investigator: You’ve never had your rights read?!

Bryan Greenwell: No. I mean, when I was younger, yeah.

Investigator: Alright so you know what I’m talking about.

Bryan Greenwell:  I know what you’re talking about, yeah.

Investigator: Well, I’m going to go through this, and I brought a picture of your kiddos. [places photo of children on table in front of Greenwell] I gave her a picture of them, too. Alright before we ask you any questions you must understand your rights. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law. Right to talk to a lawyer prior to questioning or making any statements. Have them present with you while being questioned. Can’t afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed by the court to represent you before any questions if you desire one. You may stop the questioning or making statements at any time by refusing to answer further or requesting to consult with an attorney prior to continuing questioning or making statements. Those are your rights. And the second part of this form is just a waiver of your rights and basically says that “I read the statement of rights or had them read to me. I understand what my rights are and I’m willing to make a statement and answer some questions. I don’t want a lawyer at this time and I understand what I am doing. No promises or threats have been made, no pressure or coercion of any kind. You understand what coercion means, correct? [Greenwell nods] Okay, um. And I’m guessing you might have an idea what [Greenwell shakes head “no”] You don’t have an idea of what you might want to talk to me about?

Bryan Greenwell: No.

Investigator: Or what I want to talk to you about? Okay. And it has to do with the apartment you guys used to live at over on Shelby Street.

Bryan Greenwell: Oh, well, yeah….

Investigator: Does that ring a bell? That incident?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: What do you know about that incident?

Bryan Greenwell: As far as I know, that was supposed to been us, as far as my understanding. Just the guy, Terry Payne [spelling?] that uh, he was supposed to send somebody over to talk to us or something like that. I don’t know, ‘cause they said, well I know the guy too you know, they said something like that. And I’m not even sure if it’s him, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m just going off of what I’ve heard. That he got ripped off for some dope a few times. He got upset about it and the only reason why he wouldn’t come confront her by herself was because of me. Well, she never ripped him off for no dope anyways. It wasn’t her, it was

Investigator: So this was geared towards Jodie, is what you’re telling me?

Bryan Greenwell: Yes. And as far as I know somebody was supposed to send some people from Chicago, some black dudes. Said it’s not about the money now, it’s not about the dope, it’s about the principle. And he, Terry Payne [spelling?] told me this, and I told him I said “you better go back and tell them [inaudible] got no principle [inaudible] it seems like I’m just fucking around with my fiancée and it pulls me, you know what I’m saying? I’m involved. And he said “sorry, too late [inaudible], the call’s been made and that uh, people from .. what’d he say? New Orleans or something like that, up in luisiana up here looking for her. That’s when I noticed we started getting followed. And I’m like “hold up, you know maybe this shit is true”. I’ve been thinking it’s all, you know how people talkin’ just trying to scare somebody. And I kept noticing people following me and kept noticing people following me. And I’m like “hold the fuck up” you know? So I made a phone call and was like “dude, what the fucks going on?” He said “man” he said “I told you I would try to go talk to them”. I said “dude, you already [inaudible] tried to go talk to them and for the past, I don’t know, month and a half, something like that, everytime I walked out the door I was being followed”. And for the life of me, nobody believed me. And I mean, I told everybody. I said “man, somebody is following us. Somebody is following me or somebody is following you. Somebody.” Then I got locked up.

Investigator: What happened with that, a little.

Bryan Greenwell: That [cross talk]

Investigator: I’m not the dope police [cross talk]

Bryan Greenwell: I mean not one time did nobody ever say “police”, nobody said, I mean the whole time I told everybody I was being followed. I mean, I had people run up on me, I’d take off. Nobody said “cops” you know? So I don’t know if it’s the cops or if it was them or whoever, whatever. You know what I’m saying?  I’m like “shit”, so I done what I do. What I know best- protect myself and get the hell out of that situation for a moment. But that situation it was same thing. Two cars whipped up on me, then once I took off, yeah, he hit his lights. I’m like “I got a set of [inaudible] lights, which I do. You know what I’m saying? I got a flashlight that turns. You know what I’m saying? You click it one time and it starts flashing, you know what I mean, red, white, red, blue, them lights. You know what I’m saying? So I’m like “no one’s ever said ‘stop, police, this is the local, feds” whoever. You know what I’m saying?  So I didn’t stop. Even when we got back to the house we were staying at, not one time did anybody say “police”, “this is the police”, the whoever, blah blah. They just told me to get the fuck down or they would blow my damn brains out. I’m like “well uh” there’s a chance I got to take. Either they’re the police, and then once they started all coming up on me I noticed it was the police because all the equipment and shit like that. And I was like “well, maybe this is the cops” so I got down.

Investigator: Who all did you get arrested with that night?

Bryan Greenwell: Me, Jodie, Lala, and Chris.

Investigator: Does Lala have a real name? Everybody keeps saying Lala. Cause I’m not the dope police, I’m just curious

Bryan Greenwell: It’s uh, Laura. It’s Laura. I don’t know her last name.

Investigator: And it really doesn’t matter for me. I’m just curious because everyone says “Lala” and I’m like, “last time someone was named ‘LaLa’ was on a kids T.V. show” [laughter] Alright. Let me take you back to that apartment on Shelby. How long did ya’ll stay there?

Bryan Greenwell: Man, I can’t, I just got out of jail. I don’t know if she had that before I went in, or before right before I got out, or what. I think I was only there a couple weeks, maybe? Something like that. Maybe a little longer. I know it was like between two, two weeks. Two to three weeks. Something like that.

Investigator: And you guys never went back to that apartment?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, we went back.

Investigator: You did?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah. We went back and got some of our stuff. I mean, we’ve seen the landlord and nothing was ever said.  We’ve seen cops sitting there and nothing was ever said to us. And I was thinking “well, this aint got nothing to do with us, I hope”

Investigator: Did you know those neighbors [inaudible]? Ya’ll never, You ever seen them before?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, we’ve seen them in passing.

Investigator: If I showed you a picture of them, would you know who they are?

Bryan Greenwell: Pretty sure I would be.

Investigator: [shows photos]

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, yeah, that was her. Now the guy?

Investigator: Now this is a little older picture. I think he had probably just got done [inaudible]. His hair may have been a lot longer.

Bryan Greenwell: Hm, yeah. If you put long hair on him it looks like him.

Investigator: So you all didn’t have any interaction with them?

Bryan Greenwell: Nah, other than I mean, passing in the hallways or, it was just, I think it was what? One, two, two  [crosstalk] yeah. Because it was the front room, it was like a little storage or something like that. The back room was supposedly where he stored all his stuff for, I guess, the strip clubs that he owned or something. I don’t know.

Investigator: Mm-Hm. It was strip clubs, you’re right. Alright, um, what do you actually know about what happened over there? What have you heard? What do you know?

Bryan Greenwell: I just heard that somebody got shot, somebody got killed or something like that. Then we stayed away for a couple days because that’s when I found out that supposedly they were there for her, and us, you know what I’m saying? It was supposed to be us. I was like, you know, um, we made the decision to stay away for a couple of days because hell, somebody wanted to talk to her they, the landlord knew her phone number, her cell phone number, knew her name, everything else. Nobody ever tried to contact us. At least, as far as I know, nobody ever tried to contact us. Which I mean the house, the apartment wasn’t even, it was her apartment, wasn’t in my name, or nothing like that.

Investigator: Right. Alright. Did you know that there were two victims there? Did you know that?

Bryan Greenwell: No.

Investigator: Both of those two people I showed you.

Bryan Greenwell: No, they told me it was just the.. uh.. lady.

Investigator: Well, both of them were shot. And uh, this is what I want to show you.

[Investigator moves laptop over to Greenwell and moves his chair closer]

Investigator: He didn’t die.

Voice on recording: Do you remember, do you know your neighbors next door? [inaudible] Did you know who they were? If I showed you pictures of your neighbors would you know who they were? Where your neighbors involved in any of this? You recognize her? That Jodie? Your Neighbor?

Investigator: So. That’s just the start of it but

Bryan Greenwell: Okay, well lets finish it.

Investigator: No, I got a, I got a couple follow ups here.

Bryan Greenwell: Okay.

Investigator: When I showed Jodie this, she lost it.

Bryan Greenwell: She lost it like?

Investigator: Bawling crying, broke down.

Bryan Greenwell: Let me guess, said that we done it.

Investigator: She did.

Bryan Greenwell: Well.

Investigator: And before you know, I am going to tell her the same thing I told her, I said “ya’ll have some important things in front of you.” I said, “bad things happen to good people. Sometimes people get put into situations and shit didn’t go as planned.” Um, I believe that’s what happened here. I don’t think there was malicious intent going in. I think things escalated and went bad. I told her I wanted to help her try to get to the good side of this and to not paint her into a negative light on it. And I said, I told her, I said I will give you that same opportunity and tell you the same things that I have told you both the exact same things. And that’s how I want to present it. I don’t bullshit people, I’ll tell you what I’ve got. I mean…

Bryan Greenwell: Fair enough.

Investigator: I mean, I got a living victim that puts you there. I’ve got Jodie who says you were there. Now I want to hear from you, what in the world happened. Like I said, I think something went wrong, I don’t think you got there on

Bryan Greenwell: I want to hear the rest of it. What Jodie had to say.

Investigator: What Jodie had to say? I don’t have Jodie on video.

Bryan Greenwell: I thought you said you had her on

Investigator: I have it on an audio recording. I just did it. I don’t have it on a disk yet. I still have it on an actual recorder.

Bryan Greenwell: Can I hear it?

Investigator: Let me see if I can do that. I don’t even know if I can do that. It’s on this recorder that’s in my pocket right now. The same one I have on right now.

Bryan Greenwell: Well, lets find out if we can do that because, I mean…

Investigator: Is that going to change..

Bryan Greenwell: Nah man, I want to

[cross talk]

Investigator: I’m not going to play it word for word for you so you can hear her story.

Bryan Greenwell: No no no.

Investigator: I’ve been doing this a little longer than that.

Bryan Greenwell: I don’t I don’t expect you to do that either but I would like to know what she’s saying.

Investigator: I can give you the, I can give you the details of, I guess the general of what she’s said. Is that, and he goes on to say that, they were involved in a domestic situation. Then apparently, he may have been getting the best of her, and she came over for help. You guys go back to their apartment, it happened inside their apartment, you guys intervened on the good side of this to start with, trying to help her out. And things went bad from there. Does that sound, is that a fair statement of how things may have occurred?

Bryan Greenwell: No. I mean.

Investigator: It’s not.

Bryan Greenwell: I had no. Yeah, I know these people. I don’t know them personally. You know what I’m saying? I know them from that apartment. And yes, we did go over there. But, that’s it. I mean hell, if you finger print the place you can find my fingerprints on a couple things because where I walked in the room. I kind of picked some stuff up, you know, because it was laying everywhere so I was like [noises from cuffs on table while he demonstrates moving stuff over] I mean, other than that.

Investigator: Alright. I know right now you’re trying to figure out where to go with this. Because I don’t want you to start digging yourself a hole.

Bryan Greenwell:  I know what you want me to do is to commit, you know, say

Investigator: Oh, I don’t need you to, I don’t need you to. I got, you know, I’ve got Jodie’s statement. I have enough to walk out of this room right now. What I’m trying to do is try to give you an opportunity to do the same thing she just did which is go at it with the angle “we were trying to help and things just went bad”.  That’s a whole lot better then just not making a statement and me just going off him. I mean, you think I put a guy who’s paralyzed from the neck down on a ventilator with an interview like this up to twelve people on a jury that they’re not going to sympathize with him instead of you? I’ll take that all day long, twice on Sunday.

Bryan Greenwell: Well, you know [cross talk] I’m looking at it too, I’m like “yeah as it stands right now, I mean, regardless of what I say right now, I’m fucked in this situation.

Investigator: And I’m trying to say there’s a little bit of an out right here to make it better on you to not make it look like… I don’t believe you’re a cold blooded killer. You know? I don’t believe that at all. Nothing suggests that to me. I think you’re a smart guy that got involved with a situation you probably shouldn’t have. Not saying that you shouldn’t help somebody out but I’m saying shit went bad real quick. And I don’t think anybody should be judged on one thing alone, there should be a whole series of events that happened here that get to basically where we are right now. And I just want you to think about a lot of different things. And I know I’ve thrown a lot at you at one time, you know. And I, I, and I can’t say I understand where you’re at right now because I haven’t been there but I can sympathize with you.

Bryan Greenwell: I do this everytime.

Investigator: What do you mean you do this everytime.

Bryan Greenwell: I always try to protect everybody. You get that recorder off for a minute so I can ask you a question?

Investigator: This? Yeah. [shuts laptop]

Bryan Greenwell: And the one in there.

[turns off recorder in pocket and shows Greenwell]

Bryan Greenwell: Nothing else recording, right?

Investigator: I don’t know about this room, this is the corrections room so I would have to say, well, I don’t know.

Bryan Greenwell: What happens if I go with, I mean ‘cause I know the story here, you know what I’m saying? I know the whole thing, what happened

[electronic beep]

Bryan Greenwell: What was that?

Investigator: I’m guessing I just got an email ‘cause this is my actual work computer.

Bryan Greenwell: Well, look, how do I get Jodie off of all of this?

Investigator: I mean, I think, I think she’s the least copiable of anything that happened. You know, I think she was just there. Um, and what he says and what she says really jive in line with the support, they support each other in their statements. Um, but I mean honestly it’s just going through the story, and I think I know the story. If I tell you the story, would it sound anything like what I started it off as. A domestic thing that you guys got involved in, you end up in a fight, with them with a gun and it goes off, and I can’t tell you any more than that because, you know.  By any chance, does that seem like a story that, of what may have happened?

Bryan Greenwell: Yep.

Investigator: You see, we can work with that because the beginning part of it. Because there’s a big difference between you going in and saying “I’m going to f*** kill somebody” and you going in “I’m trying to help somebody” and then shit goes bad. There’s, That’s way different things there that we’re talking about. And one’s a whole lot better than the other. I mean, the end result was that people lost their lives, yes. But it’s a whole lot different when it comes to juries, when talking about charges. You know, those types of things. It’s a night and day situation.

Bryan Greenwell: I would say. Yeah. Like you say, ya’ll would paint me out to be the fucking, wow. I mean, as it stands right now, which is those two saying that shit, you all got enough to convict me on anything.

Investigator: And that’s what I’m saying. I’m not going to bullshit you. I told you that. I got enough right now, I could walk out of the room but that’s not what I want to do because I believe in getting everybody a fair shot at this. Minimum is 18 years. You know, I don’t bullshit when I talk to people. I don’t play that whole mind game or running in circles and we talk for six hours. That’s how you run a guy.  I tell you what I got, I tell you how good, I’m not going to lie if I got something that’s weak. I’m gonna be like “Hey, this is what I got, here’s your chances, fifty fifty.” This is not a fifty fifty chance kinda thing right here, I tell you that.

Bryan Greenwell: No it’s a “screwed me all the way around”

Investigator: That’s why I’m trying to give you, I want you to see how I’m trying to let you get out in front of it. Tell your part of the story on it.

Bryan Greenwell: Is there anyway I could smoke a cigarette?

Investigator: I think we could probably make that happen. We let everybody, everybody else smoke one in the basement. When we come back, finish up the story? I think we could do that. Sit back for a minute. See what we could do for you.

Bryan Greenwell: Uh, regardless of what happens you all can’t … nevermind.

Investigator: [inaudible] I think I know what you’re trying to get out and [inaudible] you don’t want anything to happen to Jodie on this. Does that sound about right?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: I really think that’s going to depend on a lot about what we talk about, what you tell me on this. I think we can minimize her involvement

Bryan Greenwell: [inaudible]

Investigator: Well, I mean like, she is there. I mean, have you ever heard of about, uh, doing a bank robbery.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: You’re the robber, you go in and rob the store. I’m just the driver. We both get in a car chase and get caught down the way. What charge do I get?

Bryan Greenwell: Accessory

Investigator: What charge do you get? It’s a robbery.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: I mean, she’s there with you. So she is a complicit, she’s complicit in this. And not including that, there’s nothing done on her behalf to help, or stay, or call or anything. So that’s her little bit of a problem but her involvement is minimal.

Bryan Greenwell: Its, she did try to.

Investigator: What did she try to do?

Bryan Greenwell: Tried to help.

Investigator: After they were shot? What did she try to do? I mean, this helps her.

Bryan Greenwell: We’ll talk, we’ll talk about it all here in a second. Let me calm down.

Investigator: Okay. Okay. I’ll give you some time, you know, get your stuff in order. See if I can set up that cigarette.

Bryan Greenwell: I appreciate it, thanks.

Investigator: Alright.

[Investigator opens door and talking with someone else]

Bryan Greenwell: A glass of water or somethin’, [inaudible]

Investigator: Yeah.

[Investigator returns to room]

Investigator: Alright, we’re gonna,

Bryan Greenwell: Hey, is Jodie still down there?

Investigator: No, they already took her back to CCC.

Other person: Is there like a count or something they need to do at a certain time or something? I don’t know.

Investigator: We’re going to go, soon as he comes back here, we’re going to go down, downstairs. We’re not going to talk about anything we talked about in here. Just going to be for you to smoke, get your thoughts together, okay? then we’ll come back in here and talk some more, some questions.

[Investigator and Greenwell leave room- brief conversation with other person]

[Investigator and Greenwell return]

investigator: Shoot it to me, I want to hear it. You know, I’ve talked to some other people, I know it’s been bothering you. Everybody has said that you have been acting different. It’s really been bothering you. So it’s been noticeable to other people. Take that weight off, throw it on me. Get it off your shoulders, man.

Bryan Greenwell: I mean, ya’ll aren’t going to try to hit me with no fucking death penalty or nothing

Investigator: No, there’s no aggravated circumstances.

Bryan Greenwell: Well, try to get this done as quick as possible. Cause I’ll be honest with ya, I can’t sit in that jail.

Investigator: I understand.

Bryan Greenwell: Jodie didn’t have nothing to do with it. She did try to get help for her, I mean I even did try but … She comes over there and says he’s over there beatin’ on her. So we walked over there. We didn’t even walk in the apartment at first. I was like, you know, “what’s going on?” Jodie didn’t even go over there at first. She was like “you go over there and see what”. Said “yeah”. Dude was over there throwing shit, breaking shit, cussing her. All three of us were standing outside, even the girl was standing outside, you know what I’m saying, and I was like “look, just leave or come over here, something”, you know what I’m saying, “or I’m gonna call the cops”. She went back inside and he grabbed ahold of her or something like that. Jodie was like, you know, “you gotta help her”. Cause I guess her [inaudible] or something like that. So I walked in there and I separated them and this and that. That’s when, to be honest with you, I don’t even, I can’t even remember how the gun came into play, for real. Well, we started, kinda wrestling around and the gun went off. And then it went off again.

Investigator: How many times do you think it went off?

Bryan Greenwell: Honestly man, I don’t even know. I mean, I was… blacked out or something like that. I don’t know. Man, it’s like… I’m guessing two or three times, three. Something like that. I remember hearing three gunshots.

Investigator: Do you remember which one you shot first?

Bryan Greenwell: No, honestly. I don’t. [inaudible] I freaked out. And I was like “man, what the fuck. I came over here to help somebody this shit happens.” I think… I know it went off once. I think she got hit first, I’m not for sure. I mean [inaudible] was still struggling and it went off again. I do remember that. And that’s when he fell on the bed. And I didn’t, I mean, I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I went over there, like you said, there was no intentions of going over there [inaudible] malice intended or nothing like that, you know?

Investigator: You remember about what time, I know this happened Friday the 13th, is when we were there and it was later in the afternoon when we got there. When do you think this might have happened? Was it on that Friday? If I’m not mistaken she was supposed to start that new job on Friday at noon, does that sound right? Do you know that? Jodie knew that, that’s why

Bryan Greenwell: I don’t know.

Investigator: Okay.

Bryan Greenwell: I mean, after it was all done and everything I might have heard Jodie say something she was supposed to start a job today or something like that. It was like “what the fuck man, now what am I supposed to do?” You know, we were both like that, like “what do we do?” Neither one of us knew what to do. She was like “listen, call the cops” cause like you said we went over there with the intentions of helping not hurting somebody, you know? And she never, Jodie never, was near that apartment, what-so-ever, as far as I know of.

Investigator: She told me that she did. She didn’t go into the room that you guys were in which is the back bedroom. But she said she made it into part of it. You said she tried to help them afterwards, so

Bryan Greenwell: I mean, she was like

Investigator: I mean, it doesn’t matter to me. If she came in [inaudible] If she came in it’s fine. That doesn’t get you in trouble that makes you a normal human being that wants to come in and maybe try to help.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, I mean, we was both you know saying, she was like saying, well actually I was [inaudible] standing there then turned around and looked at her at the door and I was like “what do I do?” You know what I’m saying? I didn’t know. And I still, to this day, I still can’t tell you exactly, from start to finish, what happened, you know what I’m saying? I just know that I was the one standing in the room when both of them were laying there. Jordie was like “[inaudible] are they still breathing” whatever, you know what I’m saying. I was like “I don’t know?” I mean what, what, I mean, how do you check if somebody is [cross talk]

Investigator: Never been in that situation before.

Bryan Greenwell: And I do know that, I’m not for sure if the landlord called or if Jodie called the landlord or what, I’m not for sure, but I do remember hearing her say the landlord called or the landlord’s wife or something like that saying about you [inaudible] the cops [inaudible] dope from them or something. [inaudible] look like we went in there to rob them or something which wasn’t the case. Nothing was took, nothing like that. And I was like man, I didn’t know what to do. You know what I mean? I still don’t know what to do. I mean, I don’t know

Investigator: What happened with the gun? What did you do with the gun?

Bryan Greenwell: Destroyed it. Melted it down.

Investigator: Melted it down? How did you do that? That takes a lot of heat.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, I know. Well, actually the gun didn’t get melted down it got took apart and [inaudible] got melted down. And I was like, “man, I don’t know” and I gave the gun back to the person that owned it. You know what I’m saying? He just let me borrow it. And I can’t tell you his name because I don’t want to get him…

Investigator: So did you destroy it or did you give it back to the guy?

Bryan Greenwell: No, I took it apart Most of the gun went back.

Investigator: I mean, don’t bullshit me. I mean, it’s not, this is not a, that’s not a big issue there. My big thing honestly is, well, yeah I would like to recover it but I just want to make sure you didn’t just toss it somewhere and some kid got to it, that’s more what I’m worried about.

Bryan Greenwell: No No I made sure, yeah, I made sure there wasn’t no kid or no innocent bystander or nothing like that was gonna [inaudible] pick it up.

Investigator: What model was it? I know what caliber it was, at this point, wondering what model it was.

Bryan Greenwell: A Taurus, I think. Or… uh, yeah I think it was a Taurus. Pretty sure it was a Taurus.

Investigator: And you know, I know it was a 40, you know. I’m just curious.

Bryan Greenwell: I mean, to be honest with you I tried blocking it out but…

Investigator: You can’t block something like that out, man. And if you try to it’s eventually going to come back out and it’s going to eat and eat and eat. I mean, I can tell how upset you are

Bryan Greenwell: [inaudible cry] I never meant for none of this to happen. I mean, I don’t know what else to say besides that it was me.

Investigator: Is there anybody else there with you guys?

Bryan Greenwell: [shakes head “no”]

Investigator: Nobody else, okay. Did you have the gun on you when you first went over there? Was this a “I went back over there and got it” or did you have it on you when you first went over there?

Bryan Greenwell: Nah, I had it on me because the situation that fuckin’ everybody was saying that people was out looking for [inaudible] and this and that [inaudible] so I kept it on me. Just for her protection. I wasn’t going to …

Investigator: I understand. Did you, you said you didn’t take anything from the scene at all.

Bryan Greenwell: No.

Investigator: No. Did ya’ll leave anything by any chance? Lose anything?

Bryan Greenwell: I don’t, honestly I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t even try fuckin’ finding the shells that came out of the gun. I was just like, you know, I was dumbfounded, pretty much.

Investigator: And I know you didn’t, this happened in the back bedroom, where they fighting in the back bedroom and you got into the middle of it or did, you know, did you and him get into a fight in the back bedroom? I just want to be clear about it.

Bryan Greenwell: Well they was fighting. Worse than, we was all standing outside in the hallway..

Investigator: And we’re talking about physical fighting, not arguing

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah, we’re talking about physical fighting. And I was like, you know, that’s when Jodie said “you gotta help her”. That’s when I went in there and everything just happened so fast that … you know the rest. I mean, she did try to help them. I didn’t know what to do to help, I mean, I freaked out. I still freak out.

Investigator: Well, I tell you what. This whole thing, this whole situation, I mean it sucks, I mean I was right. Was I not right from the minute I went in here on the way things went down?

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: And I still believe bad shit happens to good people all the time but this series of events doesn’t paint you out to be a cold calculated “I don’t give a fuck” killer. I mean, shit happened, yeah. There’s nothing we can do about that now. But the way that we presented it as you coming over to help, and correct me if I’m wrong, would you see there’s a big difference between somebody who doesn’t give a fuck and coming over there and shooting people opposed to somebody who is there for a purpose and I can confirm that purpose because there was a domestic fight going on, and you go over there and shit goes bad.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah.

Investigator: There’s a big difference there.

Bryan Greenwell: Yeah. There’s a bid difference. I mean, I should have went with my gut and just stayed out of it. But I’m not that type of person. If I see somebody needs help, I try to help.

Investigator: I’m going to let you take this picture with you, too. I don’t know if you have any with your kids with you. Because I think, because I think the way we talked here tonight, that getting to see them is going to come a whole lot sooner than if would have been if you told me “I’m not talking to you, get out of the room”. I mean, I could have happened either way, and [inaudible] that’s why I really.. That’s what I was really worried about. That you wouldn’t understand how important of a chance I was trying to give you to get out. You were in a hole. And you’re still in a hole. It’s definitely not as deep as it was with your story out there. And it goes a long way with prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges and jurors. So we got to look at its a bump in your road. That bump was sitting back at your back side, you hadn’t crossed it yet.  Now we’re across it. Now we are going to figure out from here where to go and you’re going to get your life back on track. Does that sound like a good plan, here?

Bryan Greenwell: That’s not what I wanted.

Investigator: No? Nothing but future in front of you now. Don’t get me wrong. We’re going to take a little bit of it here, but it aint all of it. And what you do with the rest of it, is up to you.

Bryan Greenwell: I’ll never see daylight again.

Investigator: See people I’ve talked to heard you say that and I disagree with that. You have to remember where we are. We’re [inaudible] tend to be more lenient, more liberal here.

Bryan Greenwell: I hope so.

Investigator: And you’ve done yourself big time favors here. You’ve done the best you can for yourself with the situation you’re in. I’m going to go out here and talk to the corrections people and make sure they know about everything. Any questions you have for me right now? You have anything? Alright. Sit tight. We’ll be back here in a few minutes.

3 thoughts on “Bryan Greenwell Interrogation Transcript”
  1. everyone is probably here to read about another random murder case…right? well while everyone is enjoying this article I’m sitting here crying.. my name is Taylor Greenwell and i am a 17 year old FOSTER CHILD who just learned about her uncle (Bryan Greenwell, from the post, the murderer) and what had happened. he was a really good man. He helped take care of me and my older sister when my dad couldn’t you know.. whenever my dad was out doing stuff he wasn’t supposed to and even when my dad was trying to find jobs and shit trying to get his life back on track. me and my older sister.. fuck even my little step sister often asked when we were going to hang out with uncle Bryan.. cause he was a fun uncle. i always knew he was involved in drugs and stuff, shit really all the brothers and sister was. i honestly believe that he is not a cold blooded killer i just think he had a lot of issues going on, i mean the whole family did, all the brothers and sister were all growing up doing dumb shit and they all had a lot going on. i remember Jodi and i remember she was cool and stuff, i also remember their kids, they were a good family. i also wanted to let everyone know that the generation of being crack heads and shit from my family is going to stop. hopefully all my cousins and other young ones are going to follow in my foot steps. i don’t know who all has a high school diploma from my dads side of the family but I’m going to go beyond that, I’m going to be successful and I’m not going to do drugs, and I’m not going to lie and steal and be a criminal. i am going to make a big difference in my family tree, I’m going to be the one who steps up and says that our family needs to change, we need to be better examples in life, we no longer are going to be member of the jail house or prison we are going to be members of the lords church and we are going to make a difference. like i said i don’t think my uncle (Bryan Greenwell) is a cold blooded killer. and im not say he doesn’t deserve his life sentence in prison I’m just saying he doesn’t deserve to be looked at as a worthless piece of shit, because he’s not, he just let the worst get the best of him.

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