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In December 2012, Generro Sanchez was murdered by another student at East Central University, Jerrod Murray. Although Sanchez lived down the hall from Murray, they only knew one another through a mutual friend. Murray asked Sanchez for a ride to a nearby Wal-Mart. Upon their arrival, Murray pulled a gun out and demanded to be driven to a town North of Ada.

Generro Sanchez

To calm Sanchez’s nerves, Murray unloaded the clip and the bullet from the chamber and handed them to Sanchez, only to pull out another clip and lay it on his lap. After a 29-mile drive, they arrive on a small road in the country where Murray shot Sanchez in the head as he drove. The vehicle came to a stop in a ditch against a tree. After pulling his body from the vehicle, Murray heard agonal breathing from Sanchez. To ensure he was dead, he shot him in the head again. Murray then pushed his body down into the ditch and poorly covered his body with leaves, dirt, and a single stick.


In the interrogation Murray shows no remorse and gives no reason for the murder besides “it popped in my head”. He had been planning to murder someone for about three weeks and decided Generro Sanchez was going to be the victim a few days prior. Murray was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and has been held in a mental facility since. Murray has filed motions asking the Court to consider his release from the facility he is in to less restrictive care. The judge in the case ruled that Murray remains a threat to society and is dangerous, denying the motions.

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  1. Murray’s insane? How in the hell is this possible? He knows right from wrong and how is anything different? The man even said he deserved death. “Eye for an eye sir.”

    1. As bipolar sufferer, I can tell you when I’m manic I don’t have a care in the world..I don’t know what I have done until I’m in the mental hospital but most people around me when I’m manic just think I’m a very strange chic, very hyper, very reckless..I talk normal but I’m not concerned with what I’m saying or doing. I think it’s that state of mind he’s in..if you don’t care what you’re doing than you’re doing nothing wrong..For me when mania begins I’m on top of the world. I don’t sleep. I start 15 projects because I have so much energy but my thoughts are racing 100mph. Unfortunately it gets to the point where I’m extremely reckless and mentally check out..and I come down in the mental hospital than I crash so I want to being psychotic is just not giving shit your life, his life or his behaviors

    2. Was the death penalty even sought in this case? A sane person does not willingly and knowingly seek death – which is exactly what he does by committing and confessing to cold-blooded murder. The manner in which the act was done – motive, execution and confession- are all indicative of a person that is disjointed from reality.

    3. Insanity in individuals is presented in different ways. In the case of Jerrod Murray, his lack of remorse and apparent apathy is a symptom of many severe mental health conditions including sociopathy, psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder, all of which can lead to violent behaviour such as murder. Jerrod Murray also showed symptoms of empathy deficit disorder. In his interroation he was asked if he feels sympathetic towards the family of Generro Sanchez, his answer was no. This suggests that he does infact have no concept of emotions, his and others. Another symptom of empathy deficit disorder is lack of moral compass. If Murray was found to have this particular disorder, this would be evidence to show that he had no awarness or concept of right and wrong, meaning his killing of Generro Sanchez was due to his mental disorder. This would of course have lead the court to sentence him the way they did. He was not sane. Therefore they could not have tried him as a sane individual and sent him to prison. Moreover they could not have let him be a free member of society, he was evidently a significant danger to other people and himself. Therefore the indefinite custody at a mental health facility was his only option. (All of this being said, few people who are diagnosed with the aforementioned mental disorders are killers)
      You could also argue the side that Murray did indeed know what he did was wrong, he knew to hide the body. However his desire to kill evidently is not something a normal person would feel. Many of the symptoms I previously mentioned, excluding the lack of moral compass (for this argument), are symptoms of Aspergers. The lack of remorse and emotional depth, understanding of social queues, odd speech patterns, limited facial expressions, high intelligence and other peculiar mannerisms are all symptoms of high functioning Autism or Aspergers. This then proves that he could not have been tried as a sane individual due to the fact that he was neurodivergent. (This absolutely does not imply that people who are autistic or have aspergers, or a simply neurodivergent, are killers).

      1. Person with Asperger’s syndrome here, it should be noted that that many of us absolutely do feel remorse, and we often have at least some emotional depth as well, though the other symptoms you mentioned check out, at least for me. Either way, I’m also pretty sure that people with Asperger’s, it being a “mild” form (for lack of a better word; it still sucks and can easily ruin a life) of autism, do usually get tried the same way as any other person. Neurodivergence is not the same as insanity.

    4. My suspicion is that Murray lacks the abilities of empathy & emotional attachment to anyone. He pursued his goals by ‘driving’ over anyone who interfered with his direct approach to getting what he wanted. Murray doesn’t comprehend others who love, the need for friends or emotional bonds. Sir & ma’am are how he recognizes others. Murray reminded me of a cyborg movie.

  2. Asperger’s Syndrome. Found, “Not guilty, by reason of Insanity.” But, he knew to cover up, escape, and hide. Not insane. Asperger’s. He may have been guilty of “Suicide, by Cop” which is trying to get your self killed by pointing a gun at a cop. He might have wanted to go to prison, death row, or be executed. That’s not “insane.” Criminally insane is not knowing right from wrong. He knew 100% this was wrong, and even that it merited a death for a death. Normal people:: “I wanted to know what it felt like to… jump out of a plane, hire some hooker’s, get drunk, do Acid, get on a plane and travel.” But, “kill some innocent dude” is either very sick, sociopath, or just Asperger’s Syndrome. That said, there’s an ability to kill other humans in all humans, as it’s woven into our DNA from our ancestors who had to fight, kill, survive, reproduce, eat meat, killl enemies, defend from threats of all types, etc. That capacity to kill is what makes video games so addictive.

    Flat affect. Moderate- High intelligence. No capacity for remorse. No social skills. No capacity for simple social awareness: left the headlights on; left the gun in the truck; left the dudes cell phone; left fingerprints everywhere; led the driver directly to his grandparents; clearly impaired social language; perfect recall of incredibly minor details of things 99% of people find irrelevant; immediately cannot sustain a lie; no change in his prosody of voice.

    Asperger’s Syndrome. He can’t feel remorse. Think how valuable ten thousand of these guys would be on the front lines of armies in hand-to-hand combat throughout history. Hitler did this by using “energy pills” or methamphetamine. This guy is able to kill, but cannot act independently (failed high school, failing all college classes). He’s very disabled. Needed some caseworker.

    Our genetic heritage keeps reproducing anomalies like him. They have some “human” value to our species. But, it’s sure hard to know what it is

    Not soul-less. Mentally ill.
    Most Autistic are generally harmless. Not this dude.

    Cop forgot to ask, “Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for a mental illness?” Did you ever get Special Services in School?

    1. I am not going to get into my personal opinion on this case’s outcome but I do want to note that federal law requires in 18 U.S.C. § 17 that “at the time of the commission of the acts constituting the offense, the defendant, as a result of a severe mental disease or defect, was unable to appreciate the nature and quality or the wrongfulness of his acts”. I am unsure how this was or wasn’t determined or if state law played a part in this case. The “determining right from wrong” idea is just an easy way to remember the general concept but is not the specific law and there are others that may have applied, each varying from place to place. At minimum, I’m glad that he has been deemed a threat to the public and not released.

      1. Well, from my perspective he obviously wasn’t able to consider the nature of his act. The mere act of saying you understand isn’t enough, you need to show it through your actions. A regular, healthy response to committing homicide is further anger, sadness, desperation, remorse, etc any number of strong emotions. Not a plain, analytical understanding of it. You “know” metaphysical things, like the speed of light is around 3×10^8m/s, but you have no reference, you can’t feel it, you can’t intuit it. A healthy mind intuits the gravity of murder. He did not, therefore he was not healthy.

    2. sorry Justin…Hitler never used meth…the Allies did however…if you gonna hate, at least get ur darned rumors straight!

      1. That is factually incorrect. The Allies used Benzedrine. Only Japan and Germany used methamphetamine.

      2. Sorry Cygnus but Hitler did use meth among a multitude of other things it was also supplied to the SS AND GROUND FORCES!,,May not have been methamphetimine, but is was speed and used by the Luftwaffe as well, and who is hating? he only stated a commonly known fact,,,so you are the one who needs to get your story straight

        1. I don’t think you fully understand what aspergers really is, Tracy.
          You are 100% thinking of antisocial personality disorder.

          The “they don’t have remorse or empathy” bullshit has been debunked so many times. I used to work with students on the spectrum and they all felt sad whenever they heard about someone going through a hard time.
          The reason why YOU don’t feel empathetic towards others is probably because you ARE a sociopath.

          Now let me debunk your statement that you said about individuals with aspergers being more likely to become killers. As of 2020 to now roughly 3% of males 21 and older have an autism diagnosis. Right?
          Now I want you name at least 10 convicted killers from 2020 to 2021 that have an autism diagnosis. Because I can’t.

    3. Sorry but you have it totally wrong. Aspergers DO feel remorse. They just dont recognise certain signals. When they realise theyve upset someone they definitely feel remorse. This guy is a psychopath. He didnt care about the friend in front of him. He didnt care about his gfs feelings.

      1. I have Asperger’s….and I don’t feel remorse about things that most people would. I don’t cry when people die etc. I’m not a sociopath tho.

    4. That must be one rare case of Asperger’s since people with Asperger’s are nowhere close to him.
      The only thing that he shares is honesty, but he has no Emotional Empathy which means he cannot be on Autism or Asperger’s spectrum and Asperger’s are based on higher Emotional Empathy. Long story short someone on the Autism spectrum could not kill a person randomly, it’s against their nature.

      He doesn’t seem like Psychopath either since psychopaths has high Cognitive Empathy and he made zero attempts to cover his ass or manipulate.

      Most likely he’s simply Idiot with Empathy Deficit Disorder ( EDD which would be like a mix of psychopath and autism minus the “good” stuff ).

      1. You’d be surprised by how many killers are on the spectrum. Doesn’t mean most or even many autistics are violent…but we are just like anyone else…there are good and bad.

    5. Insanity can manifest in many different ways, and in this case its a cold, calculated state of mind with no care for human life. There isn’t any medical syndrome or disorder, except for the fact that there is some wiring up there that just made him a sociopath.

      1. Well it is partly due to Asperger’s Syndrome. He needed support he never got. He was smart so people had unreasonable expectations for him and he couldn’t live up to them

    6. Did he know intellectually that it was against the law? Absolutely. He was lucid, present, and displayed more than enough intelligence to have the intellectual ability to conceptualize the existence of laws and how he could adhere to them. I don’t think it’s quite that simple though, because contrary to common belief, the law in our country is not intended to be a moralistic structure. We separate church and state here, and the framers lived during the time where morality and religion were highly intertwined, especially among educated men. The church was, in a large way, morality itself. Back in those days as well, it was still viewed as an authority instead of the mostly irrelevant cultural artifact it’s becoming in contemporary times. The church was for morality, the law was for justice. Separate entities. While the church has withered, the law has stayed consistent with its roots thanks to the Supreme Court.

      The point is that, in the eyes of the law, legality does not imply morality. A good example is freedom of speech – most people would agree that it is wrong to say mean things to your mother but this is a perfectly legal activity. Our legal system allows for a lot of this grey area by design. It is also by design that we must evaluate whether a defendant knew at the time of the crime right from wrong rather than just legal from illegal.

      I won’t bother making a moral argument for or against Murray’s insanity defense because it’s a really involved discussion and most likely nobody will even read what I’ve already written. My major point is that it’s much more complex than just knowledge of legality.

    7. Aspergers-Syndrome isn’t really a mental illness. And where the fuck did you get the “Autists don’t feel remorse” thing? They do.

    8. The myth that people with aspergers have no empathy and are more likely to commit violence isn’t true at all. You are no doubt thinking of antisocial personality disorder. Almost every statement you said is a symptom of antisocial personality disorder and sociopathy.

    9. I suspect that very few people in Jerrod’s life felt comfortable cozying up to him after his ‘suicide’ attempt at 5 years old. Multiply that times all the years he’s lived past 5 years old. I think Jerrod felt he didn’t belong in this world. His pictures show a great deal of weight he’s lost since Oklahoma committed him. Starving himself to death may be his choice out of this world.

    10. Oh Justin, seriously? This is so incredibly insulting and factually incorrect. I am not an anomaly. I am a qualified Zoologist who works with injured and orphaned wildlife, the cases that no one else wants because they need feeding every 2 hrs around the clock. I have a husband and daughter. I feel more empathy than anyone I have ever met. I feel remorse. I have friends.If you met me,(and thousands of others like me), you wouldn’t even know I had Aspergers.I often wonder why the “neurotypicals” dont seem to feel empathy like we do. Please stop spreading this kind of revolting misinformation. We are just people. Aspergers doesnt do any of the things you have mentioned and I am embarrassed for you.

  3. @Justin. In law people like to stick to facts and not assume. Going by this rule i think you should provide a citation for this quote:

    “That capacity to kill is what makes video games so addictive.”

    That is pure assumption that you assert without a shred of evidence or even reason.

    Human have the capacity to kill.
    You kill in video games.
    Video games are addictive.

    I hope you and other can see that that is a complete no sequitur. You have hopped to you conclusion, it simply does not follow. You cant simply assert it as a fact because of a single correlation. Correlation does not equal causation.

    Cancer rates are growing.
    Internet traffic has is growing.
    Internet can be addictive.
    Therefore cancer causes the internet to be addictive.


    1. Haha, I like your dedication to informing people of their mistake.

      I used “clip” because that is the term that Jerrod Murray used and he had stated that the magazines were empty originally. I am not very gun-savvy, so I was, and still am, unsure on which to use. I am not sure how rapidly you can remove a clip from a magazine so I have no idea if he was misspeaking during the portion where he explained what he did or not. I will certainly change it if I get more information though.

      Thank you!

  4. Not guilty by reason of insanity never made any sense to me. To me anyone who kills someone in cold blood is insane… that’s not a thing that normal people do. To be found not guilty by reason of insanity they have to believe that you didn’t know right from wrong when literally everyone knows righty from wrong except for extremely mentally ill people. To me someone that enjoys taking another persons life when they KNOW it’s wrong is insane.

    1. No update since 2017 when his request was denied by the courts to be released from Oklahoma Forensic Center. A week before the hearing he was found with a knife at the mental health facility he is imprisoned at, and stated to the court that he doesn’t know when he would hurt someone again. Doctors at the facility say that he is possibly worse now while off of medications than he was before he was placed there, and that he is the most dangerous patient they have. He isn’t getting out, but I’m sure he will keep trying every so often as that wasn’t his first attempt.

  5. Well, what chills me perhaps the most is the judge noting “progress is made with medications”. To me, isolating this observation alone suggests a possibility of eventual release if/when ‘enough’ progress is made for physicians to no longer deem this freak a danger to society. (don’t care if he’s a danger to himself) This dude is straight nuts with ever increasing severe illnesse(s) and he will never, ever take Meds as required ~ as virtually no ill patients do. So, like paedophiles, serial rapists – this dude CANNOT be ‘cured’. Brain is fried. Courts need to stop believing most people can be/become rational. Sorry. Many just need to be put down rather than ‘preserving’ their rights above innocent rational society. Word.

  6. Insane ? LMAO This punk got skinned up for talking tough. Turns out he is only tough with a gun in his hand. The coward should have been executed. Hopefully he does the world a favor and committs suicide. One less pos in the world. Insane gtfoh

  7. The allies use benzadrine. Allies did not use pervatin. Allies never used meth. Get your facts straight Pervatin came with lots of euphoria,very bad crash and comedown. Effected the nazis actually in Russia pretty bad I believe. Fatigue, and crashing from pervatin. The nazis, and the entirety of Germanys civilian population were hooked on pervatin(Methamphetamine pills)

    Theres alot written about it actually. Shooting up: history of drugs in warfare I believe is one book that covers methamphetamines and amphetamines in ww2

    Dwight d Eisenhower actually is the one who approved the purchase and shipment of the first 1 million benzedrine pills to our u.s military. Benzedrine is not methamphetamine and there is a huge difference between the 2. Benzedrine is essentially adderall, and like vyvance combined. Dextroamphetamine mainly mix with lisdexamfetamine. It kept our soldiers alert, awake, but not too high, and they were able to sleep some so us allies did not crash as hard without our benzedrine. did not come with the same terrible side effects that pervatin came with.

    We started using benzedrine and targeting gemeranys pervatin factory’s after the british shot down a german pilot, and discovered and tested the pervatin pills in the cockpit.

    Discovering that pervatin changed everything. pretty sure germany absolutely fell apart after allies started bombing those pervatin factorys

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