Jerrod Murray Case Summary

In December 2012, Generro Sanchez was murdered by another student at East Central University, Jerrod Murray. Although Sanchez lived down the hall from Murray, they only knew one another through a mutual friend. Murray asked Sanchez for a ride to a nearby Wal-Mart. Upon their arrival, Murray pulled a gun out and demanded to be driven to a town North of Ada.

Generro Sanchez

To calm Sanchez’s nerves, Murray unloaded the clip and the bullet from the chamber and handed them to Sanchez, only to pull out another clip and lay it on his lap. After a 29-mile drive, they arrive on a small road in the country where Murray shot Sanchez in the head as he drove. The vehicle came to a stop in a ditch against a tree. After pulling his body from the vehicle, Murray heard agonal breathing from Sanchez. To ensure he was dead, he shot him in the head again. Murray then pushed his body down into the ditch and poorly covered his body with leaves, dirt, and a single stick.


In the interrogation Murray shows no remorse and gives no reason for the murder besides “it popped in my head”. He had been planning to murder someone for about three weeks and decided Generro Sanchez was going to be the victim a few days prior. Murray was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and has been held in a mental facility since. Murray has filed motions asking the Court to consider his release from the facility he is in to less restrictive care. The judge in the case ruled that Murray remains a threat to society and is dangerous, denying the motions.

11 thoughts on “Jerrod Murray Case Summary

  1. Murray’s insane? How in the hell is this possible? He knows right from wrong and how is anything different? The man even said he deserved death. “Eye for an eye sir.”


  2. Asperger’s Syndrome. Found, “Not guilty, by reason of Insanity.” But, he knew to cover up, escape, and hide. Not insane. Asperger’s. He may have been guilty of “Suicide, by Cop” which is trying to get your self killed by pointing a gun at a cop. He might have wanted to go to prison, death row, or be executed. That’s not “insane.” Criminally insane is not knowing right from wrong. He knew 100% this was wrong, and even that it merited a death for a death. Normal people:: “I wanted to know what it felt like to… jump out of a plane, hire some hooker’s, get drunk, do Acid, get on a plane and travel.” But, “kill some innocent dude” is either very sick, sociopath, or just Asperger’s Syndrome. That said, there’s an ability to kill other humans in all humans, as it’s woven into our DNA from our ancestors who had to fight, kill, survive, reproduce, eat meat, killl enemies, defend from threats of all types, etc. That capacity to kill is what makes video games so addictive.

    Flat affect. Moderate- High intelligence. No capacity for remorse. No social skills. No capacity for simple social awareness: left the headlights on; left the gun in the truck; left the dudes cell phone; left fingerprints everywhere; led the driver directly to his grandparents; clearly impaired social language; perfect recall of incredibly minor details of things 99% of people find irrelevant; immediately cannot sustain a lie; no change in his prosody of voice.

    Asperger’s Syndrome. He can’t feel remorse. Think how valuable ten thousand of these guys would be on the front lines of armies in hand-to-hand combat throughout history. Hitler did this by using “energy pills” or methamphetamine. This guy is able to kill, but cannot act independently (failed high school, failing all college classes). He’s very disabled. Needed some caseworker.

    Our genetic heritage keeps reproducing anomalies like him. They have some “human” value to our species. But, it’s sure hard to know what it is

    Not soul-less. Mentally ill.
    Most Autistic are generally harmless. Not this dude.

    Cop forgot to ask, “Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for a mental illness?” Did you ever get Special Services in School?


    1. I am not going to get into my personal opinion on this case’s outcome but I do want to note that federal law requires in 18 U.S.C. § 17 that “at the time of the commission of the acts constituting the offense, the defendant, as a result of a severe mental disease or defect, was unable to appreciate the nature and quality or the wrongfulness of his acts”. I am unsure how this was or wasn’t determined or if state law played a part in this case. The “determining right from wrong” idea is just an easy way to remember the general concept but is not the specific law and there are others that may have applied, each varying from place to place. At minimum, I’m glad that he has been deemed a threat to the public and not released.


      1. Well, from my perspective he obviously wasn’t able to consider the nature of his act. The mere act of saying you understand isn’t enough, you need to show it through your actions. A regular, healthy response to committing homicide is further anger, sadness, desperation, remorse, etc any number of strong emotions. Not a plain, analytical understanding of it. You “know” metaphysical things, like the speed of light is around 3×10^8m/s, but you have no reference, you can’t feel it, you can’t intuit it. A healthy mind intuits the gravity of murder. He did not, therefore he was not healthy.


    2. sorry Justin…Hitler never used meth…the Allies did however…if you gonna hate, at least get ur darned rumors straight!


  3. @Justin. In law people like to stick to facts and not assume. Going by this rule i think you should provide a citation for this quote:

    “That capacity to kill is what makes video games so addictive.”

    That is pure assumption that you assert without a shred of evidence or even reason.

    Human have the capacity to kill.
    You kill in video games.
    Video games are addictive.

    I hope you and other can see that that is a complete no sequitur. You have hopped to you conclusion, it simply does not follow. You cant simply assert it as a fact because of a single correlation. Correlation does not equal causation.

    Cancer rates are growing.
    Internet traffic has is growing.
    Internet can be addictive.
    Therefore cancer causes the internet to be addictive.



    1. Haha, I like your dedication to informing people of their mistake.

      I used “clip” because that is the term that Jerrod Murray used and he had stated that the magazines were empty originally. I am not very gun-savvy, so I was, and still am, unsure on which to use. I am not sure how rapidly you can remove a clip from a magazine so I have no idea if he was misspeaking during the portion where he explained what he did or not. I will certainly change it if I get more information though.

      Thank you!


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