Thu. May 19th, 2022

On May 5th, 2020 Veronica Snyder found her 9-year-old daughter, Jadalee Pagan, with multiple life-threatening injuries after being left alone with a family friend, Jah’Sean Hodge. Jah’Sean was bloody and wounded when seen running away from the apartment and did not stop to tell anyone that Jadalee was injured or how he was hurt. Jadalee had sustained stab wounds to her face and neck including a 12-centimeter gash across her throat penetrating through the muscle and trachea, along with temporal, orbital, and sinus cavity fractures. While Veronica tended to her daughter and brought her to the hospital with Jadalee’s uncle, Jah’Sean exhibited strange behavior before being contacted by police where he yelled at them to shoot him while running towards them failing to obey commands. He was shot and died as a result of those injuries. The following is a transcript of the 911 call placed by Veronica’s boyfriend at the time of the crime.  

Dispatcher: 911, what’s the address of the emergency?

Witness: I need a, I need a, emergency [inaudible] as soon as possible.

Dispatcher: What is the address?

Witness: [inaudible] on [censored]

Dispatcher: Repeat that once for me.

Witness: Thirty [censored]

Dispatcher: Ok, what is the phone number your calling from?

Witness: [censored] 66.

Dispatcher: ok, tell me exactly what happened.

Witness: We don’t know. All I know is, um, my girlfriend’s, um, daughter needs an ambulance soon [inaudible]. She’s bleeding from her head and she was upstairs by herself.

Dispatcher: Ok. Just stay on the line with me, we’re going get some [inaudible]. I just need gather some information for the responders, okay?

Witness: [inaudible]

[Yelling in background]

Dispatcher: I just, I just want to confirm, you said she’s bleeding from her head but do we know… why, what happened?

Witness: Yeah, [inaudible] her head. I need a ambulance as soon as possible. Just send somebody, please!

Dispatcher:  Okay, my partners are already dispatching help. Just give me one moment.

[inaudible female crying]

Dispatcher: Is there someone else up on the line with… us?

Witness: Yes, somebody is, um, yea, [inaudible stammering]. I just need someone here as soon as possible, can you just send somebody, please?

Dispatcher: Okay, I understand we already have called [cross-talk]

Witness: Just send an ambulance…

Dispatcher: Sir, I already have the call in but I’m just confirming someone else is already on the line with 911.

[background noises]

Dispatcher: Hello?

[background noise, female voice]

Witness: [inaudible] that’s it.

Dispatcher:  Ok

[background noises and yelling]

Dispatcher: Okay, we are already getting someone sent out.  We do have police on the way as well, okay?

[background yelling]

Witness: Uh, uh, um,

Female voice: That’s far away…

Witness: [inaudible] taking to the hospital.

[female yelling]

Witness: Alright.

[female yelling]

Dispatcher: Okay. We already, we already have people on the way, and we, my partners already got information from someone who’s on the phone. Okay?

[female screaming]

Dispatcher: Hello?

Witness: Yeah, I hear you.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Female voice: … a place to go.

Dispatcher: Okay, is the, is the patient still there?

Witness: She’s going to the hospital.

Dispatcher: They’re going to the hospital?

Witness: They’re going to hospital right now.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Witness: Yeah. Her uncle just came back from [inaudible], he left for a minute and…

Dispatcher: [cross-talk] Okay.

Witness: …he’s back but I’m at the house.

Dispatcher: Okay, okay. We can go ahead and disconnect we already have, um, help on the way but my partner is already gathering their information. Okay? Okay.

Witness: Alright, I’ll be here.

Dispatcher: Okay, thank you.

Witness: Alright.

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