Thu. May 19th, 2022

On May 5th, 2020 Veronica Snyder found her 9-year-old daughter, Jadalee Pagan, with multiple life-threatening injuries after being left alone with a family friend, Jah’Sean Hodge. Jah’Sean was bloody and wounded when seen running away from the apartment and did not stop to tell anyone that Jadalee was injured or how he was hurt. Jadalee had sustained stab wounds to her face and neck including a 12-centimeter gash across her throat penetrating through the muscle and trachea, along with temporal, orbital, and sinus cavity fractures. While Veronica tended to her daughter and brought her to the hospital with Jadalee’s uncle, Jah’Sean exhibited strange behavior before being contacted by police where he yelled at them to shoot him while running towards them failing to obey commands. He was shot and died as a result of those injuries. The following is a transcript of the 911 call placed by the neighbor of Veronica Snyder and Jadalee Pagan.

Dispatcher: Saint Cloud Police Department [inaudible] how can we help you?

Witness: I need an am… Yeah, we need an ambulance right now.

Dispatcher: What’s the address? What is the address?

Witness: Um, [censored]

Dispatcher: Okay, so stay on the line with me, um, I just, I have some questions for you while we get them on the way. What is the number you are calling from?

Witness: Uh, [censored] going on, I, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.

Dispatcher: Okay, just repeat that phone number for me in case we get disconnected.

Witness: [censored]

Dispatcher: I’m sorry, I can’t hear [inaudible], just the last four.

[background yelling]

Dispatcher: The last four of the phone number ma’am.

Witness: [censored]

Dispatcher: Tell me exactly what happened.

Witness: Uh, I don’t know. Something happened with my neighbor’s child.

Dispatcher: Did she fall? Did they fall? I think we are getting another call on it as well.

Witness: I’m, I’m, I’m really not sure. I really don’t know.

Dispatcher: Okay, okay. Is, is there any way we could take the phone and, and, to get closer to find out what happened?

Witness: I just know that there was a knife involved. I think one of the kids were left alone and…

Dispatcher: Okay, do we know how old the patient is? How old the child is?

Witness: Uh, she’s like 9 or 10?

[background yelling]

Dispatcher: Okay, stay on the phone with me. We’re getting help on the way, okay? This isn’t delaying them. Can you tell me, is she still awake?

Witness: Yeah. They’re going to the hospital now. [inaudible] they…

Dispatcher: Okay, and let them know that that’s not the safest thing to do they need to. They need to, I want them to know that help is not far away, okay?

Witness: Okay.

Dispatcher: Can you let them know that we’re sending help and to, to, to stay with you? To stay there? Can you tell me, is the child awake?

Witness: They’re, they’re in the car already.

Dispatcher: In the car. Tell me what kind of car it is.

Witness: Uh, it’s a, a, it’s uh, fuckin’, silver car. They’re, they’re already gone. I don’t, I don’t remember the car.

Dispatcher: Okay, a silver vehicle, which way did they go? They left with the child in the car. The back roads.

Witness: They’re going to the Lakefront.

Dispatcher: I’m sorry, towards the Lakefront?

Witness: They’re going to the hospital.

Dispatcher: Do you know which hospital they’re going to?

Witness: Saint Cloud Hospital.

Dispatcher: They’re going to Saint Cloud, okay. Okay, so the, the, the child is not, is no longer there. And it occurred at this 36 Georgia Avenue? That’s where the child was at?

Witness: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Okay. Do you have any [inaudible] or uh, contact information for the parents or whoever is with the child?

Witness: Uh, I don’t rem…, I don’t know, I don’t have her number right now.

Dispatcher: Okay.


Dispatcher: Alright, what is, [inaudible] can you tell me anything about what they told you happened or… what [cross-talk]

Witness: Just she was left alone. The little girl was left alone for like five minutes and I think she got ahold of something, I’m not sure.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Witness: But they took her to the hospital already. There’s an officer here now.

Dispatcher: Okay. Go ahead and talk to him.

Witness: Thank you. Okay.

Dispatcher: Alright, thank you so much.

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