Sat. May 14th, 2022

On May 5th, 2020 Veronica Snyder found her 9-year-old daughter, Jadalee Pagan, with multiple life-threatening injuries after being left alone with a family friend, Jah’Sean Hodge. Jah’Sean was bloody and wounded when seen running away from the apartment and did not stop to tell anyone that Jadalee was injured or how he was hurt. Jadalee had sustained stab wounds to her face and neck including a 12-centimeter gash across her throat penetrating through the muscle and trachea, along with temporal, orbital, and sinus cavity fractures. While Veronica tended to her daughter and brought her to the hospital with Jadalee’s uncle, Jah’Sean exhibited strange behavior before being contacted by police where he yelled at them to shoot him while running towards them failing to obey commands. He was shot and died as a result of those injuries. The following is a transcript of the 911 call placed by a passerby riding a golf cart while Jah’Sean was walking down Georgia Avenue after the incident.

Dispatcher: [inaudible] how may I help you?

Witness: Hello, we were, um, driving down Georgia and we seen this guy covered in blood on his hands, his chest and head and… and he was like flopping his arms around. Like, he was really injured but he like, tried to stop us, but he didn’t.

Dispatcher: Okay, how long ago was that?

Witness: Not even ten minutes ago.

Dispatcher: Okay, where at on Georgia?

Witness: Georgia and 3rd.

Dispatcher: Okay. We actually have officers that are in that area right now and he was on Georgia Avenue by 3rd street?

Witness: Yes.

Dispatcher: Okay, when did he…[cross-talk]

Witness: He was running up towards 10th.

Dispatcher: He was going towards 10th. What did he, uh, what was he wearing?

Witness: Wear a black shirt and black, uh, basketball shorts, and a, I think, black shoes.

Dispatcher: Okay, we’ll update the officers just to make sure that that’s the description of the person they’re out with, but they are there in the area with a similar person.

Witness: Okay, thank you.

Dispatcher: Thank you.

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