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Wisconsin Woman Murders and Sexually Assaults Lover During Meth Binge

After using methamphetamine, 24-year-old Taylor Denise Schabusiness sexually assaulted, murdered, and dismembered a 25-year-old man, Shad Thyrion, in Green Bay Wisconsin. The victim’s mother discovered his head in a bucket in her basement, leading to Schabusiness’s arrest. WARNING: The following is graphic and describes all aspects of the crime in detail, including sexual assault and murder.


Around 9:30 PM on February 21st, 2022, Schabusiness and a friend went to the Shad’s residence and picked him up in Schabusiness’s roommate’s van. This was the last time the Shad’s mother saw him alive. The trio went to Schabusiness’s apartment where they all smoked marijuana and the victim and Schabusiness smoked methamphetamine. The friend of Schabusiness left the apartment before Schabusiness injected both herself and Shad with Trazadone. Sometime in the middle of the night between the 21st and the 22nd, Schabusiness drove the van back to the Shad’s house and the his mother’s boyfriend let both him and Schabusiness in and they went down into the basement where the Shad resided.  

The Murder and Sexual Assault

According to Schabusiness, about 5 minutes after they arrived, the victim produced two chains to be used during sex, one for her and one for him. She stated that they had used strangulation during sex in the past. The chains were described as “chain link”, “silver”, and “like a dog choke collar”. At some point, Shad was laying on the bed face down, and Schabusiness was on top of him pulling on the chain. The victim began coughing up blood. Schabusiness decided that she was “already this far” and kept choking him, making many comments about liking it. She stated that she then “just went crazy” while Shad was fighting for his life. She kept pulling and choking him harder when she continued to feel his heart beating. Likely still under the influence of methamphetamine, she stated that he would not die and kept “rebuilding into muscle”. She claimed that she blacked out at some point while choking him and came to seeing his face purple and blood coming from his mouth but kept choking him.  

Location of Murder

After the murder, Schabusiness sexually assaulted the victim’s deceased body over the course of 2 or 3 hours according to Schabusiness. She preformed oral sex on the body and violated the corpse with a dildo both orally and anally. After an extensive period of post-mortem molestation, she began the process of dismembering the body during the day. She first moved the body, which was on a bed in the basement, so that the victim’s head was dangling over the edge with a black bucket she found in the basement under it. Using knives she found in Shad’s kitchen, she began decapitating him. She used both the bucket and a plastic tote to collect blood and dump it down a shower drain in an unfurnished area of the basement.

During this time, Shad’s mother believed that both Schabusiness and Shad were in the basement because she could hear Schabusiness talking during the day of the 22nd. Both the mother and her boyfriend were out of the house the majority of that day. Over the course of the day, she decapitated the victim, removed his genitals, separated the torso, removed organs, and cut off his legs, apparently while talking to herself. She put body parts haphazardly into anything she could find in the basement including grocery bags.  Between 2:30 AM and 3:00 AM on February 23rd, Schabusiness left with the victim’s legs in her roommate’s van and went back to her apartment.

Investigation and Arrest

When Schabusiness left the residence, Shad’s mother heard the storm door slam and a vehicle leave. Deciding to check if her son was still there or if he had left with Schabusiness, she went to the basement. The light was left on and she went down the stairs, saw no one, and started going back up the stairs when she saw the bucket. Over the bucket was a towel. After removing the towel, she saw Shad’s head and called authorities at 3:25 A.M.

Taylor Schabusiness

Officers responded to the residence and found the victim’s head, genitals, body fluid, and knives in a black bucket under a beach towel, body parts and a bread knife in plastic bags including shopping bags, and an upper torso, organs, and a carving knife in a plastic storage tote.  On the neck that was still attached to the head there was visual evidence of strangulation, and on the torso there were numerous rigid cuts from the decapitation. In the room the officers also noticed blood stains on a sheetless bed, evidence of someone cleaning up blood from the concrete next to and under the bed, and blood on the way to and inside of the shower. Additionally, a glass pipe and a light-colored powder substance was found on the entertainment center.

Who Is Shad Thyrion? Taylor Denise Schabusiness Victim Obituary- Facebook  Age & Family
Shad Thyrion

While the scene was being investigated, another officer went to Schabusiness’s last known residence since she was the last person to see the victim. The van that Shad’s mother described was found outside of her apartment. As the officer was looking at the van, she exited her apartment and stopped when she saw him. The front and back of her black hooded shirt had dried blood, as well as the front of her sweatpants. As the officer approached, he noticed that her hands were also smeared with blood, that she had a cut to her left thumb, and that her arms and hands were covered in scratches. The scratches she claimed were self-inflicted.

When the officer asked her if she knew why the police were there, she said something that sounded like “because of my warrant for my arrest”.  Inside of her roommate’s van the officer discovered a crock pot box on top of a laundry basket of clothes behind the driver’s seat that contained the victim’s legs and feet. She was taken into custody.

Statements to Police

Initially Schabusiness claimed that she blacked out and when told to tell the detectives what happened she said, “that’s a good question”. When told that they had found the victim’s head she said, “that is pretty fucked up”. This denial did not last long though. She admitted that she knew Shad and had seen him that day. When asked about if she and the victim had contact with anyone when they got back to the victim’s house after going to her apartment, she said, “damn the head” and “I can’t believe I left the head though”. She also said that police were going to have fun attempting to find all of the organs since she dismembered the body. When asked to elaborate on the dismemberment, she said that she used knives from the victim’s kitchen and that the bread knife worked best because it had a serrated blade.

Taylor Schabusiness

When describing the murder itself, she said in a lower tone than the rest of her interview “yeah, I liked it”. After that point she made several comments about her enjoying choking him, and even went so far as asking the detectives if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it. She expressed that she did not mean to kill the victim but that as she was choking him, she liked it too much to stop. She also said that she was not prepared since the murder was not planned and was random. When asked if it she thought that it was the right thing to do, she commented that she did it anyways. She also told detectives that she had intended to bring all of the body parts with her but became “lazy” and “paranoid” but said that she thought that she was paranoid because of the “dope”.

She has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault, and her bail is set at 2 million dollars cash.

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