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On August 15th, 2016, Austin Harrouff murdered Michelle Mishoon and John Stevens while they sat in their garage relaxing and listening to the radio with the garage door open. Austin had previously been acting strange. The following is a transcript of the 911 call placed by Austin’s mother after he stated that he was immortal and ran off from a dinner he was having with his father and sister at a Duffy’s restaurant shortly before committing the crime.

Dispatcher: Police department, line’s recorded, [inaudible]

Mina Harrouff: Um, yes, I need to… I don’t know how to do this. My son, he’s um, kind of taken off and I’m concerned about his own safety…

Dispatcher: [cross talk] How old is he?

Mina Harrouff: …he’s acting a little strange. Um, 19.

Dispatcher: Does he, does he live with you?

Mina Harrouff: Yes.

Dispatcher: Okay, what do you mean ‘acting strange’?

Mina Harrouff: Um, I, it seems like he’s a little, um, delusional or like he’s acting like…

Dispatcher: [cross talk] But does he have a history of that or anything?

Mina Harrouff: …recent. No, this is just like recent. Um, change, and…

Dispatcher: Mm-hmm.

Mina Harrouff: …that we’re noticing. Um, and he was out to dinner with his dad today and he took off and we’re just, you know, he was with his sister and he says, you know, he feels immortal and um, like a super hero. So I’m just, I don’t know what’s going on with him.

Dispatcher: Do you know if he’s been taking any drugs or anything like that?

Mina Harrouff: Nothing. I’ve asked and nothing recent that, uh, he knows of.

Dispatcher: So did he leave the house or did he leave from the restaurant? Where was he last seen at?

Mina Harrouff: Left from the restaurant. At Duffy’s.

Dispatcher: Wha, which Duffy’s is that?

Mina Harrouff: Um, by I95?

Dispatcher: And what city though? We dispatch for 5.

Mina Harrouff: [inaudible] I’m sorry.

Dispatcher: Okay, hold on.

Mina Harrouff: You know, he wants to help everybody, he’s yeah, headed, well, last seen was going towards island way um, towards, like going towards nor- North or Church Street. Yeah.  

Dispatcher: How long ago was this that he left?

Mina Harrouff: I want to say ten o’clock if not nine thirty…

Dispatcher: [cross talk] And he left on foot?

Mina Harrouff: …and nobody’s… Yes. He has no ID on him, his um, no phone.  

Dispatcher: And where are you at ma’am?

Mina Harrouff: I’m at home. 18, 18421 Lost Lake Way in Jupiter.

Dispatcher: What’s the street?

Mina Harrouff: Lost Lake Way. [period of silence and typing] you know, and I, have, will say I think the only thing he has on him is a pocketknife switch blade

Dispatcher: Is that, uh, where’s that, where, your home is at? West Jupiter?  

Mina Harrouff: Um, in the Shores.

Dispatcher: Loft? L-O-F-T you said?

Mina Harrouff: L-O-S-T, L-O- S as in same, T as in Tom. Lost.

Dispatcher: Oh, okay. Lost Lake Way, okay.

Mina Harrouff: Right.

Dispatcher: And your name ma’am?

Mina Harrouff: [sigh] Mina Harrouff.

Dispatcher: What’s your callback number?

Mina Harrouff: uh, 561-745-1862

Dispatcher: Kay. And he’s never done this before, I mean this is something new?

Mina Harrouff: No, this is just, I mean, his friends, I’m calling all his friends and they’re like just, “he’s changed”.

Dispatcher: Mm-hmm. Okay. Is he a white, black, or Hispanic ma’am?

Mina Harrouff: Uh, he’s white. He’s got brownish, brown hair. Brown. Light brown hair. Um, he’s wearing white shorts and he had a blue polo on if he’s wearing it. So, and a red hat. “Make America Great Again” hat.  

Dispatcher: Okay, what’s his name?

Mina Harrouff: Austin.

Dispatcher: Middle name or initial?

Mina Harrouff: K.

Dispatcher: Spell the last name for me.

Mina Harrouff: H-A-R-R-O-U-F-F like frank.

Dispatcher: And his date of birth

Mina Harrouff: 12/21/96

Dispatcher: Kay. Alright, I’ll get an officer by that can um, speak to you and uh, see if they’re going to put out a missing person’s alert or what they want to do with it. Um, you have no idea where he might of went or anything?

Mina Harrouff: I have no clue.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Mina Harrouff: No clue.

Dispatcher: Does he have any weapons at home or anything like that, that he would have on him or anything, a pocket knife or anything like that?

Mina Harrouff: Yeah. I said he had a pocket knife like a switchblade type pocket knife. I don’t know.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Mina Harrouff: I think that’s the only thing he has on him.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Mina Harrouff: Yeah. He doesn’t own any other weapons.

Dispatcher: And you said he left towards Island Way and that was around 10 o’clock.

Mina Harrouff: Um, I want to say 9:30 – 10, yeah.

Dispatcher: Okay. Alright. I’ll get somebody by there for you.

Mina Harrouff: Great, thank you.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh, bye-bye.

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